About Us

BuySilverRounds.com was launched in January 2013 to provide physical silver investors with a guide to purchasing silver rounds as well as information about the various brands, sizes, and types of rounds on the market today. If you are a seasoned investor or even if you are new to physical Silver bullion and are interested in buying rounds, we can help you in your search for information regarding mints who produce them, the sizes they’re available in and much more.

BuySilverRounds.com is a JM Bullion property. JM Bullion is an online retailer of physical gold, silver and platinum bullion which is delivered directly to its customers. They strive to provide investors with the lowest possible prices and also offer free shipping. You can learn more about JM Bullion here.

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What We Offer

This site was established as a resource for physical Silver bullion investors to learn more about some of the pros and cons to owning Silver rounds over other forms of bullion. We also provide guides for investors seeking to learn more about what options they have when buying rounds in terms of brands and sizes.

Guides at BuySilverRounds.com

One of the most popular features that we offer are our mint and refinery guides which can help give you deep insights into the numerous brands of silver rounds. These guides can help investors in their search for the Silver round that is right for their investment. Since there are so many mints and refineries producing Silver rounds today, we have narrowed down our lists to only the most popular brands, making it easier for you to choose the right fit for you. Enjoy and if you you would like to get in touch please use our contact us form. Thanks.