1/4 Ounce Fractional Silver Rounds

Investors considering purchasing silver rounds often gravitate towards one-ounce rounds, but in fact silver rounds come in many sizes. Quarter-ounce rounds are among the smallest such options. There are many reasons to consider these fractional silver rounds, though they are not right for every investment situation.

Size and Purity

Each quarter-ounce silver round measures approximately 26.5 mm in diameter and 1.5mm thick, though each mint is free to set their own exact specifications. For the sake of comparison, this is slightly larger in diameter than a US quarter, but a bit thinner than one. Some investors may be surprised at the relatively small size of these rounds, particularly if they have previously only seen the more common full-ounce rounds. All quarter-ounce bullion rounds are minted with .999 or finer silver, and are marked with their weight and purity.

Benefits and Uses

Smaller-sized silver rounds, like the ¼ ounce silver round, are a popular option for those new to silver investment. More affordable than their full ounce counterparts, these are a more accessible way to buy physical silver. They are commonly given as gifts, or used to add diversity and novelty to a bullion investor’s collection. Though some silver investors find these small silver rounds impractical, others find them unusual and unique.

Quarter-ounce silver rounds are frequently purchased by investors who are holding silver as a safeguard against a collapse of the present currency. In such a situation, silver could be used to trade for everyday necessities. These investors find 1/4 ounce silver rounds to be a more practical option, as they could more easily be traded for small items than full-ounce silver bars.

Availability and Pricing

Quarter-ounce silver rounds are produced by relatively few mints, making them more difficult to find than full ounce silver rounds. You may need to contact several silver dealers in order to find a steady supply of 1/4 ounce silver rounds. There are fewer designs available, limiting the possibilities for assembling an eye-catching collection of silver rounds. They also tend to have higher per-ounce costs than larger silver rounds.

Designs and Mints

Quarter-ounce silver rounds are relatively uncommon. They are minted by only a handful of private mints, and come in relatively limited range of design options. There are three major styles available, known as the Incuse Indian, Buffalo, and Walking Liberty silver rounds. The Golden State Mint is among the mints offering ¼ ounce silver rounds in these styles, all of which are based on the design of popular historical coins.


In general, the smaller the silver round, the higher the premium. This makes quarter-ounce silver rounds comparatively more expensive than full ounce rounds, but less so than 1/10 ounce silver rounds, the smallest size available. Still, because they contain less silver, they are a less expensive option than full 1 ounce silver rounds, making them a popular option for new investors. These rounds can be purchased individually, or in tubes containing 20 or 25 such rounds. Buying in bulk often means lower per-round costs, making these smaller-sized rounds more economical.