Brands of Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are made by a wide variety of mints and refineries around the world. Some brands command a premium based on name recognition, while others are known for producing affordable, investment-grade rounds. Some of the most well-known silver rounds come from the following precious metal mints:

NTR Metals

NTR Metals is among the world’s largest silver refineries. While known mainly for their silver bars, NTR also produces investment-quality silver rounds. All of their rounds are one troy ounce in size, and feature a buffalo on the reverse and Indian head on the obverse. These .999 silver rounds are designed for investors who are focused on getting the most silver for their money. Because NTR Metals manages the lifecycle of the precious metals from beginning to end, their process is extremely efficient, resulting in very low per-ounce costs.

Northwest Territorial Mint

Northwest Territorial Mint is a Washington-based silver mint and dealer serving bullion investors for nearly 30 years. Among the largest private mints in the country, Northwest Territorial Mint is responsible for producing most U.S. Military medals, along with medallions and coins for a variety of other clients. The company mints investment-grade silver rounds in half-ounce and one-ounce sizes. All of their rounds carry the same, fairly straightforward design. Each features a set of scales on one side, and an eagle on the other. Each is .999 fine silver.

Golden State Mint

Golden State Mint, or GSM, are known for minting high-quality, investment-grade gold and silver rounds. Their unique designs include silver rounds with designs inspired by popular historical coins of the past, such as buffalo nickels. Their most popular rounds are the Incuse Indian, Walking Liberty, and Buffalo styles. Golden State Mint also produces custom designs. They offer many size options, including tenth, quarter, and half-ounce silver rounds, along with one-ounce rounds. Their specially-designed minting process results in beautiful, mirror-finish rounds.


One of the best-known silver mints throughout the 1980s, Engelhard no longer mints silver bars or rounds, and today they are highly sought-after by collectors. Widely regarded as some of the best-quality silver rounds ever produced, Engelhard silver rounds maintain their name recognition around the globe. Their silver rounds are one troy ounce and dated with the year, between 1982 and 1987. Each of their silver and gold rounds features a prospector panning for gold, giving the rounds their nickname, the “American Prospector.” Because they have not been produced in many years, they are often among the highest-priced 1 oz silver rounds sold.

Sunshine Minting

Sunshine Minting is a popular private mint offering investment-quality one ounce silver rounds. They are known for skilled craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Their classic design features an eagle in flight. Sunshine Minting also produces custom rounds and provides silver round blanks to many different entities; as a result, there have been dozens of silver round designs made using Sunshine Minting silver. Their newest silver rounds have an innovative authentication feature, the MintMarkSI, which can only be seen using a special decoder lens.