Where to Buy Silver Rounds

There are many options for investors looking to buy silver rounds. Your two main options are online silver bullion dealers and local sellers such as coin shops, pawn shops, and estate sales. In any large city, you should have at least a few local options offering silver bullion for sale. There are also dozens of large online dealers offering a wide range of products for silver collectors and investors. There are both benefits and drawbacks of each buying option. Where should you buy your silver rounds?

Product Selection

Online sellers tend to offer a much wider inventory than local sellers. One click can give you access to dozens of silver bullion options, including nearly every round ever minted. Whether you are primarily interested in attaining the lowest possible per-ounce price, or are seeking out beautiful silver rounds with artistic designs, you will find many options online. Meanwhile, local sellers tend to offer a more limited range of options.


Prices for silver rounds and other forms of silver bullion can vary significantly from seller to seller. Investors often find that the most competitive prices are found online. Online sellers face higher competition and have lower overhead, enabling them to offer prices that closer to the spot price of silver.

There is another price-related consideration to keep in mind when deciding where to buy silver. In some states, there is sales tax on silver bullion or coins purchased locally. You may be able to avoid this tax by shopping online.

Benefits of Buying Locally

One of the benefits of shopping locally is receiving personalized attention. By stopping into your local coin dealer’s store, you can gain access to their wealth of knowledge about coins and have a chance to network with other local silver collectors. Although purchasing silver online is efficient and quick, you don’t have quite the same opportunity to carry on a lengthy conversation about the silver. If you are new to the world of silver investment, you might find it harder to select the right silver when browsing online than when standing in your local coin dealer’s store.

One reason why some investors prefer to shop locally is the opportunity to handle the silver before making any purchasing decisions. When buying over the internet, you’re relying on a photo and a written description. Some investors feel more comfortable if they’re able to hold the silver in their hand and inspect its quality in person before agreeing to the deal.


Some investors feel that buying online is more confidential, since they won’t chance being seen by neighbors or acquaintances while stocking up on silver. On the other hand, others find shopping locally to be more anonymous, since there’s no need to provide personal information like your name and shipping address in order to process the transaction.


Some investors find local shops to be more convenient, since they can stop in while running errands. Others find it easier to browse the internet from the comfort of their own home. No one silver buying option is right for all investors. Ultimately, you should choose the method you are most comfortable with when buying silver rounds.