NTR Metals Silver Bullion Rounds

NTR Metals, one of the largest silver refineries in the world, handles more than 30 million pounds of precious metals every year. This precious metal is melted down to produce investment-grade gold and silver products. While primarily known for their silver bars, NTR Metals also produces high quality silver rounds. This Dallas-based company is one of the world’s biggest producers of silver bullion rounds.

Product Selection and Designs

NTR is best-known for its silver bars, available in 1, 10, and 100 troy ounce sizes. Their silver rounds are all the one ounce size, measuring 39mm in diameter. Most NTR silver rounds are known as the Buffalo or Indian Head round, a reference to the designs found on each side of the round. It features an American Indian, along with the word ‘Liberty’ and the year, on the obverse. The reverse features the profile of a buffalo, along with the words “United States of America,” “one troy ounce,” and “.999 fine silver.” The silver round is relatively new to the NTR bullion lineup; previously, the only bullion products available from NTR were bars.


1 oz NTR Silver Buffalo Round

As with their silver bars, the silver rounds have a fairly straightforward and basic design. NTR Metals’ bullion products tend to be designed with the needs of precious metal investors in mind. They are designed specifically for those who invest in silver for its intrinsic value, rather than collectors who prefer unique, eye-catching designs for their silver rounds. Because of this goal, NTR Metals only mints one type of silver round, rather than offering multiple designs like some other silver mints.

Minting Process

The pure silver contained in each NTR Metals round originates with the company’s Commercial Refining division. Because the company manages the process from beginning to end, they are able to achieve a very high level of quality control, resulting in some of the most flawless investment-grade silver rounds in the world. Every round minted is hand-inspected to ensure consistent quality. NTR Metals guarantees the weight, purity, and quality of every silver round.

Prices and Availability

NTR Metals has very low per-ounce premiums, sometimes as low as $1 per ounce over spot. Because the minting process was designed to be as efficient as possible, and NTR is able to control the process from start to finish, the resulting silver rounds are among the most affordably priced in the industry thanks to the company’s low production costs. NTR Metals is often favored by investors seeking the lowest possible silver bullion pricing.

While NTR Metals operates refinery locations in many cities across the globe, these are not open to the public, and NTR silver rounds cannot be purchased there. NTR also does not have an option to buy online directly from the mint. However, they can be ordered over the phone by calling the NTR bullion trading desk. NTR Metals silver rounds are also carried by many precious metal dealers. Often, they are the silver rounds you will receive when ordering “generic” silver rounds from an online dealer, since they are often the silver rounds with the lowest premiums.