1/2 Ounce Silver Rounds

Half-ounce silver rounds serve as a relatively affordable middle-range size of silver round. More substantial than the tenth-ounce and quarter-ounce sizes, they are also less expensive than the full 1 oz size, making them a common option for investors who are ready to move up in size from the smaller fractional rounds. These rounds are minted with .999 or finer silver, as with other sizes of silver rounds.


Most half-ounce silver rounds measure 30mm in diameter. This is just a little smaller than the 1 oz silver round. They are also thinner, at approximately 2mm in thickness. The resulting round is substantial in size, providing a satisfying look and feel, while costing significantly less than a full-ounce coin with nearly the same diameter. Each half-ounce silver round weighs approximately 15.5 grams. These rounds are about the same size as a half-dollar coin.

Designs and Brands

Northwest Territorial Mint produces ½ ounce silver rounds featuring an eagle on the reverse, and a set of scales on the obverse. Golden State Mint ½ ounce rounds include the Incuse Indian and Buffalo designs, featuring popular designs first used on coins minted a century ago. The Buffalo round, which has been minted since 1981, reflects the design of the Buffalo Nickel. The Incuse Indian, meanwhile, reflects a design used for gold coins minted between 1908 and 1929. There are also Walking Liberty designs produced by a variety of private mints. These designs, too, reflect designs used for popular coins of the past century, namely that of the Standing Liberty and Morgan silver dollars and Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin.

Scottsdale Silver, APMEX, and Pan American Silver are just a few of the additional mints producing ½ ounce silver rounds. When purchasing ½ ounce silver rounds, know that while many are minted by well-known silver mints, others are made by much smaller producers. These may or may not be marked with the name of the mint. Many investors stick with silver rounds produced by well-known names in the silver industry. Others search out the lowest per-ounce price, regardless of the mint that produced the round, as long as the purity is at least .999.


Many investors opt for ½ ounce silver rounds in addition to their collection of 1 oz or larger-sized silver bullion. They add diversity to a collection, and could be used as bartering tools, should the current currency be rendered worthless. Many investors also purchase half-ounce rounds for gift giving purposes.

Pricing and Availability

Half-ounce silver rounds tend to carry lower premiums than smaller fractional ounces. Because they are commonly traded, ½ ounce silver rounds are a very liquid form of silver investment, easily bought and sold around the world. Since ½ oz silver rounds are among the most common sizes, they are easily found at most large silver dealers. For the widest selection and most competitive pricing, turn to online dealers.


Half-ounce silver rounds can easily be stacked in a tube for storage purposes. When purchasing 20 or more rounds, they often arrive from the mint in a plastic tube. This is convenient for any investor who plans to store their metal in a home safe or safety deposit box.