Commemorative Rounds

Commemorative silver rounds or commemorative medallions as they are sometimes referred to as offer physical Silver investors with a unique opportunity to own bullion celebrating historical events, national landmarks, political figures and more. Though this form of round attracts a more specific type of investor, there is still a number of them available on the open market. Many online silver coin and bullion dealers will stock a supply of these rounds, though selection may vary depending upon the company you are choosing to buy from.


Many mints and refineries produce commemorative silver rounds containing a wide selection of designs. Some dealers, such as JM Bullion for example stock a vast array of these rounds with designs modeled after anything from popular world coins to past Olympic events. Most private mints produce their own version of the commemorative round, offering investors with a wide selection of designs to choose from.

Pricing and Availability

When purchasing commemorative silver rounds, the premium you pay over the current spot price of silver is usually higher than if you where to buy a standard silver round. This is due mainly to production costs a mint runs into for stamping each round. Because these rounds have a more limited market and tend to be more collectible, this also affects the price you will pay.

Commemorative rounds are often available for sale online as well as at local coin shops. The selection you will have to choose from will depend upon the specific dealer you will be buying your rounds from. While some online dealers like Gainesville Coins may stock an extremely large selection of these rounds, other sites such as JM Bullion; who focus mainly on plain old bullion, will carry a smaller selection.

Purities and Sizes

Commemorative rounds are produced in purities ranging from .925 sterling silver to .9999 silver. Though they are produced in a wide range of purities, most will contain .999 fine silver. They are also often produced in a wider range of sizes than the average silver round. Some common sizes include one ounce, pound, half pound, and fractional sizes.


One of the main reasons people invest in commemorative rounds is due to the fact that they enjoy owning a round which references one of their favorite historical icons, events or other figures. Some rounds are also more collectible than others if only a limited number where produced, meaning they are more scarce than other rounds. These rare rounds can also fetch much higher premiums over spot price.