1/10 Ounce Fractional Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are available in many sizes, from five ounces down to a tenth of an ounce. Those smaller than an ounce are sometimes called “fractional” rounds, as in a fraction of an ounce. 1/10 ounce silver rounds are the smallest commonly-available round.

Weight and Dimensions

A tenth-ounce silver round weighs approximately 3.1 grams. Most measure approximately 20mm in diameter and 1.25mm thick, though mints are free to set their own dimensions. Many investors are surprised at just how small tenth-ounce silver rounds truly are. They are slightly larger in diameter than a penny, but not quite as thick. Each is .999 or finer silver, and is marked with the purity and weight.

Benefits of 1/10 oz Rounds

Fractional silver rounds like the 1/10 ounce round are popular among new investors who are not yet ready to buy full ounces of silver. They are also popular gifts, especially for kids. Because they are priced at a fraction of the cost of full ounce rounds, they are an affordable way to begin buying silver bullion.

Many investors who already own many full-ounce silver rounds or other forms of silver bullion buy smaller sizes like the 1/10-ounce round to make their collection more diverse. Although many serious precious metal investors find such small rounds to be impractical, others enjoy the novelty of these small-sized silver rounds.

Tenth-ounce silver rounds are also purchased by investors who are seeking to hold physical silver as a potential bargaining tool. Many such investors are concerned about a possible collapse of the present currency, and own silver rounds for the purpose of future bargaining for everyday necessities. For these investors, tenth-ounce silver rounds make more sense than full-ounce rounds because they could be more easily bargained for small items.

Availability and Variety

Tenth-ounce silver rounds are harder to find than larger sizes. They are produced by fewer mints, and in fewer designs, limiting your options. If you prefer to collect a diverse range of designs, tenth-ounce silver rounds may not be right for you. They are also avoided by many investors seeking the lowest per-ounce costs.

Designs and Brands

Not all silver rounds are available in this size. In fact, they are among the least common sizes of silver rounds. Tenth-ounce silver rounds can be found in three major designs: the Incuse Indian, Walking Liberty, and Buffalo. There are also 1/10 ounce silver rounds featuring an eagle design. These designs are made by a number of private mints. Golden State Mint is among the best-regarded private mints offering silver rounds in this size. Each of these options is enjoyed by collectors for its classic styling; all three reflect popular historical coin designs.

Pricing and Premiums

These tiny fractional rounds tend to carry the highest premiums. Because production costs are fairly constant regardless of how much silver is in the round, and producers of tiny fractional rounds face reduced competition, fractional silver rounds tend to sell for higher per-ounce prices than the standard full ounce silver round. As a result, they are usually avoided by investors looking to amass the highest weight of silver possible.

These rounds may be purchased individually, or in tubes containing 50 rounds (five ounces of silver.) Buying in bulk often means lower per-ounce premiums, bringing the price of 1/10 ounce silver rounds more in line with prices for larger silver rounds.