5 Ounce Silver Rounds

Five ounce silver rounds are the largest regularly produced silver rounds. While they are overlooked by many investors who gravitate towards the more common 1 oz rounds, often they are a more economical way of investing in silver. Often, these are considered the “next step up” for investors who typically buy one-ounce rounds, but are ready for a larger investment.


While smaller sized silver rounds look more like a coin, 5 oz rounds are much larger than any coins. Most are approximately 63mm – nearly two and a half inches – in diameter. They weigh approximately 155 grams, or more than most smartphones. These large silver rounds are impressive in size, making them popular among investors who like to show off their collection.

Brands and Designs

5 oz silver rounds are not regularly produced by all silver mints. They come in a more limited array of designs than one-ounce rounds. Still, there are plenty of options available for investors who are interested in these larger-sized silver rounds. Many investors choose five-ounce rounds over five ounce silver bars as a way to diversify their collection.

The most commonly-available choices include Incuse Indian and Buffalo silver rounds, produced by Golden State Mint and other private mints. Both of these rounds feature designs made famous by popular historical coins. There are also a number of special designs minted for a limited time period by private mints around the world. This provides an opportunity for silver round collectors to add unique and beautiful designs to their collection. However, some of these limited-production silver rounds are produced by small mints, and may not be marked with the name of the mint. As such, they may not be recognized by silver bullion dealers across the world. For this reason, many bullion investors stick with more common designs produced by well-known mints when buying 5 oz silver rounds.

Pricing and Premiums

Five-ounce silver rounds carry some of the lowest per-ounce premiums of any silver rounds. This low over spot pricing is the main reason why investors select five-ounce silver rounds instead of smaller bullion options. In general, the larger the silver round, the lower the premiums involved. Still, because of the amount of silver they contain, the relatively high price-point may be out of reach for some investors.


Most five-ounce silver rounds are purchased through silver dealers, both online and locally. Purchase through online dealers for the lowest premiums and the widest selection of 5 oz silver rounds, as many local coin shops do not regularly carry these oversized silver rounds. Most investors purchase five ounce rounds individually due to the relatively high amount of precious metal involved, though they are also sold in boxes containing 20 rounds.


Another benefit of buying five-ounce silver rounds is that they are easier to stack and store store than multiple smaller rounds. While they are too large to be stored in plastic tubes like smaller rounds, they are easily stacked in a box. Many come from the mint sealed in a plastic capsule, protecting them from damage due to handling.