NWT Silver Rounds

Northwest Territorial Mint is both a silver mint and a precious metal dealer offering a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Based in Federal Way, Washington, NWT is a leading private mint and offers an extensive online catalog of bullion. Founded in 1984, this is among the most trusted names for silver bullion on the internet.

Northwest Territorial Mint Rounds

As a private mint, they produce their own .999 fine silver rounds in half-ounce and full-ounce sizes. NWT also mints custom products for a variety of clients. They are among the US Military’s top producers of military medals, and also produce medallions, collector coins, and related items for governmental, corporate, and private clients. Many of these products are available through their online store.


More than 45,000 products can be found here. In addition to their own bullion products, the retail coin store offers a wide variety of commemorative coins and precious metal bullion products for collectors and gift giving purposes. NWT carries a particularly wide selection of art bars and other silver products intended to be given as gifts.

Northwest Territorial Mint is an authorized retailer of coins and other products from the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Austrian Mint, and other top government and private mints around the world. Because of these partnerships, NWT is able to offer the popular American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins alongside its own silver bullion products. Their offerings also include Pan American Silver Corp silver bullion, 90% silver junk coins, and collector-quality Morgan and Peace silver dollars.

Prices and Purchasing

Northwest Territorial Mint accepts orders of at least 50 ounces of their own minted bullion by phone. These orders receive bulk pricing discounts and lower shipping fees. Smaller orders, as well as those for non-NWT bullion, can be placed online. However, they do incur higher fees and higher per-ounce prices. In addition, there is a maximum purchase limit when ordering online. These limits are based on the metal involved; silver bullion purchases are limited to 200 ounces per order, with 50-ounce limits on certain products.

The NWT website shows real-time pricing, which changes according to the current spot price of silver. The prices available here tend to be a bit higher than those charged by other vendors. Northwest Territorial Mint is known more for offering unusual and unique bullion products than for offering the lowest per-ounce pricing.

Packaging and Shipment

Northwest Territorial Mint rounds are often packaged into either flexible plastic sheeting or rigid plastic tubes, depending on the size and quantity ordered. While customers generally report that the coins and rounds are received in good condition, they also note that ship times tend to be longer when ordering here than when purchasing from other online dealers. Orders usually ship within five business days; however, in some cases inventory back-orders have resulted in further delays. In such situations, it is the policy of NWT to contact the purchaser regarding whether they would like to wait for their bullion to arrive, or sell it back to the dealer for the current buy-back price.

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