If you have found your way to our site, you may have some unanswered questions regarding Silver rounds or even other forms of silver bullion. On this page we will discuss some frequently asked questions regarding physical Silver bullion.

Are silver rounds right for my investment?

Though we don’t give investment advice, if you already invest in physical silver and are looking for the lowest price per ounce then silver rounds may be one of your top choices. Though it will really just come down to personal preference in the end, bullion rounds tend to have some of the lowest premiums.

Where can I buy Silver rounds?

Many online bullion dealers and local coin shops offer this type of bullion. To learn more about these options please view our “Buying Silver Rounds Online” page or our “Buying Silver Rounds Locally” page.

Should I buy rounds, bars or coins?

There is no real answer to this question as every investors preferences are different. Some investors prefer to buy rounds and/or bars as they tend to carry lower premiums over spot price, while others prefer to pay the extra dollar or two for a government minted bullion coin which carries a face value with it.

How can I avoid buying fake silver rounds?

To avoid buying fake silver rounds you should first make sure you are buying from a trusted dealer. Furthermore, you should try to buy rounds minted by well known brands such as Sunshine, NTR, NWT and other reputable companies. If you have already purchased rounds and are curious as to whether they are fake, you should first take a close look at the round. One of the first things you should see is a purity and weight stamp as well as a mint mark. Legally, any piece of bullion must be stamped with it’s metal purity and weight. You can also do a a magnet test. If the round is not magnetic this means it does not contain any base metals.

Should I buy online or locally?

This is another choice that will come down to your personal preferences though there are a number of pros and cons to both options. Some people prefer the personalized experience of visiting a local coin shop, while others enjoy the vast selection of inventory and bulk discounts of online silver round dealers.

Does purity effect the value of my silver round?

For the most part purity will effect the value of any form of bullion. Since the price of every piece is determined mostly by its metal content, the purity of the metal will certainly effect it’s value. That being said, if one round is .9999 pure and another is .999 it will not effect the actual melt value of the piece too much.