Odd Sized Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are available in many sizes. The most common options include tenth, quarter, and half-ounce rounds, along with one and five ounce rounds. There are also a number of off-size silver rounds. While less commonly-produced, these rounds – such as 2 oz and 4 oz sizes – are found in many investors’ silver bullion collections.

Size and Brand Options

While standard sizes make up the majority of the market, there are other options available. Uncommon silver round sizes include 2 ounces and 4 ounces. There are even tiny one-gram silver rounds. These unusually-sized silver rounds range from very small to very large, providing a range of options for investors looking to add unique silver bullion to their collection.

Many such rounds are produced by private mints who also offer standard-sized silver rounds. Others are made by companies specializing in these unusual rounds. Overall, they tend to be produced by smaller private mints, rather than large-scale mints.


Many investors choose these unusual sizes in addition to a collection of more common sizes. In such scenarios, these off-size silver rounds provide a way to diversify your collection. Some off-size silver rounds carry special designs not used for regular sizes. In general, off-size silver rounds are considered to be a novelty item; many investors like them because of their unusual sizes and designs.


Like all silver bars, off-size silver rounds are made with .999 or finer silver. As such, they are always worth their weight in silver. However, off-size silver rounds may be more difficult to sell when the time comes. Some investors immediately disregard these uncommonly-sized silver rounds, which can make them more difficult to sell in the future. Still, it should not be too difficult to sell these rounds for at least the value of the silver they contain. It is important to consider the liquidity aspect before selecting silver rounds. Because they are uncommon, some dealers will not purchase these rounds.

Because these sizes are not commonly seen, some investors may be wary about the authenticity of such bars. Not all off-size silver rounds are marked with their weight, which tends to make them less liquid forms of silver bullion. For this reason, stick to silver rounds which are clearly marked with the mint name, silver purity, and weight. This will help to ensure you are able to sell the silver easily when you are ready to cash in on your investment.

It is also more difficult to purchase such rounds. Because they are produced by relatively fewer mints and are not as widely distributed, they tend to carry higher per-ounce prices than more common sizes. Not many silver dealers offer such rounds. For the widest selection, turn to online bullion dealers.

There are also storage concerns with these off-size rounds. Unlike with more common sizes, there are no plastic tubes designed to hold these rounds. Many investors prefer to stick to a single size, as it is more difficult to stack multiple bars if they are all different sizes.